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Waiting 4 Wrath Is The Beer Drinking Humanist Podcast You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For! We're a NSFW show so listener discretion is strongly advised. 

Waiting For What Now?

We’re not experts and we make no claims or promises so let’s have a beer and a laugh or two! W4W is NSWF and for entertainment purposes only!

Every show starts with a beer review, tells a story, and ends with a feel-good story because, at the end of it all, our goal is to have fun. Thanks to your support at we’ve been able to build a studio, travel, and support good causes like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, The Trevor Project, and last but not least, WyoAIDs — which is run in part by our very own part-time host Big Gay Jim! Wyoming AIDs Assistance is a registered 501c(3) that supports Wyomingites living with HIV/AIDs, find out more at

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Who Are These People?

Your very own plastered podcast proprietors, Aaron, Jenn, Shea, Steve & Big Gay Jim!



Editor. Foodie.



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Editor. Vulcan.

Big Gay Jim

Big Gay Jim

Queen. Liquortarian.

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What’s This WyoAIDs?

Wyoming AIDs Assistance is a charity run in part by our very own Big Gay Jim! We’re proud to be able to support their efforts to  provide financial assistance to men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDs in Wyoming.

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  • Episode 211 – The One Where We Give Thanks To Wombats

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